Maddness in Liberia

If one listened to the news all you would hear is the normal news.  Front and foremost is the rioting going on in Ferguson over an officer shooting Michael Brown.  Everyone is angry over this, but a potentially deadly incident occurred which is getting no attention at all.

A continent away there is something extraordinarily stupid going on.  In the Ebola ravaged country of Liberia groups of people, thinking that the disease is somehow a government conspiracy.

With that in mind, people stricken with the disease have been leaving clinics set up to help them.  Even worse, recently armed people looted one clinic.  In the looting 17 patients left the clinic, to add to an additional 10 who were ‘rescued’ by family members.

27 people affected with Ebola have disappeared into a populated city.

To make matters worse, there are reports that the looters took bloodstained sheets and mattresses.  About the worst thing you can take considering the Ebola virus is transmitted by bodily fluids.

Not only to you now have 27 contagious people running around the streets and an untold number of bloodstained items.  If people use these items, they run a risk of developing the disease.  What is happening over there is a crisis waiting to happen.

In an area of the world where people are suspicious of the government, that very attitude might get them killed.

Edit:  There are conflicting number of patients who have been released, and range from 17 to 27.  One report states not all patients had Ebola.