Dan Rather: Coverups Very Possible

In an interview on CNN former news anchor Dan Rather, they were talking about Watergate.  The same scandal which forced then President Richard Nixon to resign.  The CNN reporter asked if such a scandal was possible again today.

Dan Rather’s response?

“An unequivocal yes.”

Rather then goes on to say in today’s world, in some ways, it would be easier to do than it was back then.

In a way this should not surprise anyone at all.  If one looks at the list against Obama, anyone can tell that not only is it possible, but its going on right now.

  • Fast and Furious
  • IRS targeting
  • NSA wire tapping
  • Benghazi
  • Veteran Affairs
  • Solyndra

The list is a few of the many scandals upon which the Obama administration has endured is in large part to those ways its easier, especially when the media sides to not talk about it, and demonize anyone who dared to speak about it.