We Don’t Have the Right

On Friday (July 25, 2014), during a hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, House democrat, Eleanor Holmes Norton spoke out with a surprising statement.

She stated that we don’t have a right to know things about our government.  In fact she states that why there is a separation of powers in the Constitution.

I think I’m going to disagree here with her.  The separation of powers is so one portion of the government cannot be all powerful, and to help prevent one ruler like a king, or dictator.  The question that should be asked is how can it be determined if one part of the government is abusing its powers if they do not have a right to know?

Pushing this line of thinking can push a government towards a dictator.  Not right away, but the slow eroding of power, bypassing government, and abuse of the government on its people.

It is a sure bet, if the roles were reversed, and the US was still under the Bush administration, Norton would not be claiming that we don’t have a right to know.  She would be screaming that Congress has the right to know.  Funny how a change in administration changes one’s perspective.