Welcome to No Common Sense

The President of the United States is in town.  What does that mean?  Well, aside from the fact that it means a fundraiser is going on, there is a mess at the airport, and on traffic as streets are closed in preparation for his route to different events.

This also means a hassle for anyone living in the town who wishes to move around.  One woman found out how inflexible the cops blocking the roadways can be.

In Los Angeles a pregnant woman, was apparently blocked from crossing the street to the hospital because the President’s motorcade was going to be coming by soon.  How soon was soon?  Over thirty minutes later is how soon.

What’s truly sad about this entire episode, is with a bit of common sense by the cops, a bit of communication they could have escorted her across to the hospital and been hailed as doing a good job.  Instead they look foolish and oppressive.

Imagine the outrage if this had been former President George Bush?

The liberals would have a field day bashing his security, and his administration for being tyrants.

The most obvious question is where is communication here.  The cops there could not radio ahead in the route to see where the President was?  Such an action could have given the cops there a better timeline of when the President was going to pass.

In the end it turned out not too bad.  The woman made it to the hospital eventually.  But imagine the outrage if she had to give birth while sitting on a bench, in broad daylight, because she couldn’t cross the road to get to the hospital.

This is an action by an administration which views itself as a king, not as an elected official.