Kaepernick and Nike

It appears that Nike has a new face for their ad campaign coming up and its none other than Colin Kaepernick.  The same one who started the whole kneeling before games to protest during the national anthem.

Of course it pissed of a bunch of people, unless you’re living under a rock and didn’t think it would.

Personally I only have two things to say about this.

First off I’ve never considered Kap a good QB.  In fact even the year the 49ers went to the Superbowl with him as their QB I wasn’t sure about his abilities.  Before he ever started his kneeling I questioned how good he was.  Now looking at his career he is, at best, a back-up QB.

I’ve had many arguments on-line over his abilities and so far no supporter of his has been able to persuade me that he is anything else.  This is a stance I’ve had for years and no stat has been changed my mind.  Of course the person usually ends up calling me a racist because hey can’t argue with facts on this issue.

The second is Nike the company.  Now, you want to boycott by all means go ahead.  I won’t be.

I can hear the gasps and outrage now.

But hold on, hear me out.  I won’t be boycotting simply because I have nothing to boycott from them.  The last time I bought a Nike product was some of their socks three years ago.  They didn’t last.  And shoes its probably been 25 years.  I just don’t like their styles so I don’t buy from them.

Nike doesn’t have a product I like.

However Nike’s zeal to support the left’s narrative (or go woke as some say) made me wonder why.  Then I recalled a video I watched some time ago.  One of the guests was talking about a company and their shift to the left and why.  He stated it was a push from what they see in reality to what they are seeing on Social Media.

In other words, they allowed what a group said on the internet to over-ride what they were seeing in real life.  They changed not only their goals but those in the company as well.  People state that within the company the higher-ups pushed every type of leftist narrative they could in an attempt to show how woke they were.

The problem was by doing this they ignored reality.  The one where their customers were.  As a result earnings fell, the company struggled and they couldn’t understand why.  They were pandering to the group who shouted the most, right?

The ones who were shouting were not the ones who were buying.  Instead of pandering to the customer they continued even more to the shouters and continued on their downward spiral.

This can be seen in many companies, from Star Wars to sports.  As a result the phrase ‘Go woke, go broke” has entered many people’s lexicon.  They have seen it happen in many areas but yet for some reason the higher ups in companies failed to understand.  Of course many of these companies are listening to the ‘younger’ employees it seems and are pushing the leftist agenda over everything else.

Will Nike suffer a drop in sales?  The bigger question is if they do will they make an excuse and continue on the course out of fear of left (despite the power of money of the right).

I foresee a drop in sales, Nike will keep Kap and they will blame straight white males for their decline.