Don’t Force Your Lifestyle On Me!

How many times have conservatives heard this, or even Americans in general heard the following phrase:

“Don’t force your lifestyle on me!”

I’m sure by now you’ve heard this phrase in one way or another throughout your lifetime.  I’ve seen it many times, from my political view to religious views, its a mantra of the left.

But is it accurate?

Over the past couple of years I’ve looked around and observed, something I actually do a lot of.  I watch how people act, what they say and then what they do.  I’ve noticed something about the left when it comes to this bit of political narrative.  Its another way they use to shut down a debate.

By forcing this aspect of any conversation it turns it into a personal attack and defense.  The person accused suddenly has to defend their beliefs against an attack.  But there is a huge problem the left ignores with such a tactic.

They do it as well.

I can already hear the left denying such an accusation, but deep down they know it to be true.

They have no problem forcing someone else to live the way they wish them to live.  In fact its the very ideology which the Christian bakers were attacked upon.  A way to force Christians the left doesn’t like to live the way they want them to.  Anyone who dares to think differently is forced back into the box.

After all, according to the left conservatives can’t talk about their views, its hateful, promotes violence and triggers them.  But they have no problem forcing their view of gays, religions, politics, immigration and other viewpoints on us.  In their minds the right/conservatives are supposed to merely nod and be obedient to them, and don’t you dare question their view.

They don’t want debate or to hear an alternative viewpoint.  To do so might mean they have to question their own beliefs.  That is the last thing the elites in the left want, people questioning their narratives.

So don’t you dare question the left forcing their views of gays on you, or that there are 20+ genders out there. and you must bow down to the feminism movement.  But bring up Christianity or a conservative view and you’re forcing you view on them.  That is not allowed.

Recognize it for what it is, a way to cloud a debate and derail it.   The left only cares about forcing their lifestyle on you.