In 1969, Apollo 11 Returns Safely

On this day in history, after a historic mission, the astronauts of the Apollo 11 lunar mission returned successfully to the planet they had left from.  The completion of the mission signaled a new era in humankind history, one which, sadly, has not been realized.

The three astronauts had left the planet, surviving a rocket launch, landed on another planet (the moon) and returned back to Earth.  The entire mission was a success beyond anyone’s imagination.  The dedicated workers who worked tirelessly to achieve this phenomenal success has yet to be replicated.

Of course, there are those who say we never landed on the moon.  They have their various conspiracies to cling to, yet their facts never quite hold up.  It holds to emotional facts, but the reality is we went, and came back.


They made splashdown in the Pacific Ocean, then underwent quarantine.

One can only wonder when humans will repeat this glorious achievement.