Kathy Griffin

How many recall not long ago when the left went absolutely berserk over the fact that a rodeo clown used an Obama mask.  Never mind the fact that clowns had used Bush previously.

But now, forward to today with a new president, Trump and what happened only a day or two ago from a , so funny comedian Kathy Griffin.

Now, I won’t post the picture, as I feel its way too much, but it shows her holding a decapitated head of a bloody Trump in her hand.  The picture is totally tasteless, and, honestly, disturbing.

But, what is more disturbing to me is the attitude of the left.  It shows the reality of how much they actually hate Trump.  Sure, Griffin pulled the picture from her Twitter, but the reality is already out there.

Truth is, the left despises Trump so much they would actually post such things.

Imagine the outcry if some comedian had done this with Obama?  Their career would have been over.  Instead, we’re told she ‘apologized’.  Never mind the fact people had to see this, and Trump’s 11 year old son had to see it.

Really, Griffin’s career should be over as well, but the left will defend her because they allow their own hatred to overrule anything else.