So, President Trump did a tweet with the word ‘covfefe’ in it.

Despite the negative constant press covfefe

That was the tweet the president sent out.  And boy, did it cause a firestorm.

But, is it really something worthwhile or just something for the left to point to with their small brainpower?

Personally, I think its a distraction to the left so they don’t have to talk about what Kathy Griffin did a few days ago which was absolutely disgusting.

Back to ‘covfefe’.  Despite the attempts at humor, this will be something which will last and I can see actually becoming a word.

Think about that, thanks to the left’s mindless ranting, this nonsensical word (which I assume was a typo of some sort) will be around for a while as its definition starts to become clearer.

And, how many Presidents have invented a word on a whim?

And, honestly, the reaction by the left is so mind-numbing shallow its perfect for them.

So, covfefe y’all.