Miss Black University of Texas

So, you think racism is on the decline?  Think people actually look at others without looking at skin color?

You might want to guess again with this bit of news and reading comments about this online about the winner of the Miss Black University of Texas.

Apparently Rachael Malonson, who won the pageant, isn’t ‘black’ enough for those on the left.  Reading though comment after comment that she should be considered ‘black’ if both of her parents are not black.

These are the same people who called conservatives/Republicans/right racist for opposing their ‘black’ President.  The same people who voted for Obama because he was ‘black’.  Never mind the fact he had a white mother.

Its shocking to hear people say, biracial people are not black.  By that definition they are not ‘white’ either.  The amount of hatred spewed at this young woman should be shocking, but isn’t.  Its typical for the left.

If all you are looking at is their skin color, that is racism.  Its no wonder the USA hasn’t progressed in the war against racism when such narrow-minded views are taken as acceptable.  Reminds me of works I’ve read when groups like the KKK were at their height.

But against this hate, which group has stood up to defend her?  It hasn’t been the left, or the feminists, those who preach tolerance.  That’s because their elite overlords have told them what to think once more.

The left shows its group mentality with such comments like she’s not ‘black enough’, or biracial people are not black.  Take this comment on YouTube:

Biracial people aren’t black. I don’t mean to be rude but you can’t mix an orange with an apple and still call it an orange or an apple… It’s now something new. Biracial people are biracials.. They’re pretty much a new race. You can tell the difference between a biracial person and a light skin black person like myself. I come from 2 black parents. My mom is light and comes from 2 DARK skin BLACK parents. My dad is a dark black man. This is why biracials are confused. The one drop rule is and was stupid. I hope I don’t sound like a racist but Biracials aren’t black. They’re a new race.

Now, let’s look at the definition of racism:

racism – the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races.

Sounds like the commentator is putting themselves above a biracial person.  And it brings up the question once more, I hope the commentator doesn’t consider Obama ‘black’ either, but biracial.

And, if biracials are a ‘new’ race, where is their beauty pageant?