President Trump fires FBI Director Comey

So, the big news this week was Tuesday President Trump fired FBI director James Comey.

This is a big deal, but made even bigger by the left-wingers who made themselves look foolish over it.  For months they’ve scorned Comey over his handling of Clinton’s e-mails, and some are even claiming he lost Hillary her bid to be President.

They called for former President, Obama, to fire Comey before Trump took office.  Which Obama failed to do.

Some democrats have even called Comey incompetent or worse.

These same democrats and left-wingers suddenly changed their talking points the moment Trump fired Comey.

They claim Comey was fired to his looking into the Russia connection against Trump.  That was the reason why he was fired.  Never mind all the mud-slinging and everything else the left did for months.

This was apparent by watching Stephen Colbert and his show when he announced Trump firing Comey.  They cheered and you can tell Colbert was shocked by the reaction.  Leftists cheering Trump, something they can’t have.

He then went and scolded the audience why they were bad to cheer.

Honestly, does the left want someone like Comey to investigate Trumps ‘ties with Russia’ when he can’t even investigate Hillary’s e-mails?

This shows once more that when it comes to politics, its now what is done, but who is doing it.