Vetting Immigrants

Vetting it not as big a deal as the left would have you believe.  In fact, one can trace such things back as a logical step when allowing immigrants into a country.

Back in the late 1800s we used the word quarantine instead of vetting because the threat was different.  But a threat did exist to the public.

Instead of crying about it, or protesting, the government did what was right to protect the citizens of the country from immigrants carrying in diseases into the country.  They put them in quarantine.

Today, the threat is different, but still real despite what the left wants us to believe.  One way to minimize the threat is to vet immigrants.

Of course the left says that this states all immigrants are terrorists.  No, it only is a way to weed out some of the threat and make it more difficult for people who truly want to harm US citizens or other immigrants.

Not all immigrants are terrorists, but not all immigrants are fleeing, some are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  And its time we guard the hen house properly.