Pro-Trump Grammy’s Dress

So at the Grammy’s Joy Villa made an appearance in a dress which had the words ‘Make America Great’ on it.

Now the dress probably triggered several snowflakes out there and will no doubt hurl hatred at a black woman. Which makes these snowflakes not only triggered, but sexist as well.

Put that aside, the designer is one Andre Soriano, who immigrated to the USA from the Philippines, and is a successful business owner. He is also, surprisingly to the left, a Pro-Trump supporter.

Yes, Trump supporters come in every color and sex as well.

But my take for the dress. Its ugly.

Doesn’t matter what color it is, or who its one, its ugly. This is what we’ve become as a society. Everything is political today, even dresses at the Grammies.

Eight years ago if this dress had paired Obama, the left would have gone gaga over it no matter what it looked like. These same left-wingers now hurl insults, and more at Joy for daring to make a political statement they don’t like.

I didn’t watch the Grammy’s, didn’t care to watch a bunch of whiny left-wingers complain and shove their narrow narrative down my throat when there are more exciting things on TV.

I’ll watch a good movie, but I won’t support their political motives.

As for the dress, the designer gets a fail from me, but both get two thumbs up for being daring in showing a political statement which counters the narrow mainstream of the left.