Media, Trust and Trump

President Trump went and had his first meeting with the media and there seems to be a lot of aftermath surrounding it. From the left there are trumpets of how Trump has destroyed the trust of the media.

Media and trust?

Those two words have not gone together now for years, if not decades for anyone seriously watching the media and their biases.

Personally I have not viewed the media with trust since I was a senior in high school back in the late 80s.

During that year I took a Political Science class. The teacher went through how the media manipulates you though pictures and stories. Every election since that time I’ve looked for the clues and easily on they were harder to spot, but as the years passed I either got better or the media got more biased and it showed more.

And trust?

What about how the media was so biased in the past election to the point where people called CNN the Clinton New Network, or where MSNBC stated they were not really a news organization.

Yet through all of this the left will say the only fake news is FOX News. Yes, FOX News is biased, but to say no other news organization is, that only tells a completely false narrative.

Even the BBC which many now claim is unbiased, is biased. I’ve seen that for over a decade now with them. Their news isn’t balanced, nor are their documentaries unbiased anymore.

There was recently an article where a Wall Street journal editor stated to the reporters that if you are there to push an agenda against Trump then leave.

The public has lost trust in the media over the course of decades due to their reporting habits. Those habits are being exposed more and more. As a result the media doesn’t know how to handle it.

It seems that instead of actually changing they are doubling down on being biased. The result will be more of the same, more eroding of trust between the public and the media. Sadly, they don’t even realize what they are doing.

Instead of real investigating journalism, we get investigation biases.