Liberals vs. Left

Something interesting I have started to see recently. The left is not as united as they claim to be in their actions. There is a crack among the left, and it divides those who are liberals, and those who are leftists.

What do I mean?

Its really simple, liberal by definition is open to new opinions and willing to discard tradition. It does not say must discard, and closed to new opinions.

As some have started to say, the left are not liberals. Some claim what was progressive, has now become regressive.

In other words they want to return a less developed state.

Look at what the left champions. They place certain groups above others, with the worst, and most evil, group being the white Christian male. They paint entire groups with a broad swathe of believes and then don’t waver. So if you come up and claim to be a Christian, and appear white and male, you, to them, are already evil.

One of the first I noticed to break from the ‘left’ was Bill Maher.

While I will disagree, I have come to actually respect his views because I get the idea he still respects mine. Though watching when he starts blasting certain view points of the left the crowd doesn’t seem to know how to react. Part of them knows he’s right, but they have been taught to believe that way like zombies.

Dave Rubin is another one who actually calls progressives regressives and then explains it all in a video on YouTube. You can catch it on his channel, the Rubin Report.

The split is happening and an internal civil war among liberals is beginning.

Who do I want to win?

Liberals. They are the tolerant people who listen and push for change. They don’t blindly follow a cause because their teachers said so, or because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do. They don’t place one group above another. They don’t look down on others. They don’t wrap themselves with the cloak of intolerance while claiming to be tolerant.

For now all I can do is sit back and call things how I see them.