Technological President

Almost 85 years ago a President passed by the media to get his message out. Today its considered a tremendous technological achievement.

The President was Franklin D. Roosevelt, and what he did is known today as Fireside Chats.

The radio was still a fairly new invention. The cutting edge of technology and by going to the radio FDR could reach millions of Americans without the biased filter of the media.

Today its considered a brilliant stroke of genius.

Flash forward to today where another President is doing something similar and instead the same people who compliment FDR, criticize.

The President is Republican Donald Trump, and the medium is Social Media. Its not too new, but in terms of using media to reach the masses, Trump is really the first President to use it personally.

It does the same thing as the Fireside chats did back in the 1930s. It bypasses the media, something they dislike.

In another ironic twist, the media went gaga over Obama and his use of an iPhone, and social media. They praised him as a technological President who understood things like Social Media. But four years later and reports came out he couldn’t work a Blackberry. Not the technological President we were told he was.

Now we have a president who is showing he can use technology, and social media. The problem is it allows the President to get his message out without the media. And with his posts and tweets he reaches not only all American citizens, but millions around the world.

The leftist media would love this, if only Trump was a Democrat.

Honestly, his ability to use social media doesn’t surprise me. He is a business man, and as a business man he is adaptable to technology.

Will he say things I agree with, I honestly hope not.


It shows he’s not a yes man and only limited to one course of action. But if anything, his posts and tweets show a man who wants to get things done, not sit there in an office.

I hope he gets things done.