Snowflakes is used to describe some on the left, and it appears the name has now hurt their feelings. There is now a campaign to describe some things about them.

They say their a believer in human rights, they are tough and tender. They have strength in others and they are fierce in their love and more. They go on about how courageous they are.

Sorry, but they are snowflakes and they deserve to be called that.

When you get ‘triggered’ by the name Trump in chalk, or have to have a safe spot because the person you wanted to win the election didn’t.

They talk about love, but then these same people go around and beat up anyone who doesn’t support what they think. They go on YouTube and cry about not getting their way. They need counselors when things go wrong.

Sorry snowflakes, you have deserved that name not by what you think you are, but the actions of so many.

The people who spread such things have forgotten, actions speak louder than words and the actions have been anything but showing they are tough, or have strength, but they are weak, emotionally, and require special handling.

They can’t handle seeing Trump or even his name. They can’t handle they lost.

They are snowflakes and no amount of memes or words will stop it, but actions. Show you’re a grown up, pull your big boy pants up and act like an adult.