Well, the Superbowl is upon is, the event where a large group of people watch the game.  Some for the game, others for the commercials

Personally, I watch for the game, and to get away from politics and other pressing needs.

So, this year its in Houston, and the teams are the New England Patriots vs. the Atlanta Falcons.

I have no problem with either team.  I defended Brady on social media over deflategate, and I have no problem with seeing the Falcons win either.

What I hope for is a great game, a classic game which is a nail-bitter.  I can afford to say that as I have no emotional investment in either team.  The team I root for already lost, Texans and the ones I wanted to lose have already been beaten, Cowboys and Seahawks.

So, light up the grill, have some people over, and have fun even if you don’t actually enjoy football.  Use it as an excuse to invite someone over.