Outrage? Or Fake Outrage?

Lately there has been a lot out outrage over what President Trump has done and said.  But its more of a political false outrage than anything else.  The protesters are not even protesting what was said, but who said it for no other reason than politics.

I’ll take two examples here.

Imagine this statement:

We can’t afford to wait for Congress…and that’s why I’m going ahead without them when I can.

or how about this statement:

I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone.

Now depending on who said them is who we get outrage for.  Personally, doesn’t matter which president says it, I don’t like it.  Whoever said this is looking to bypass Congress along with checks and balances for personal gain.

Now, if Trump said either of these, the left would be outraged.  They’d be calling Trump the next Hitler (which they all ready are).  They’d want him impeached right away.

Yet, both of these quotes came, not from President Trump, but from Obama.

Yes, the same quotes which the left would be outraged over if Trump said it, instead defended Obama’s power grab with joy and glee.

So next time you defend a President’s actions, ask the question, would you defend it if the opposite party said it?