Health Care

Listening to the news there is a lot of talk about Obamacare and such.  The left-wingers have come out and stated that if Republicans get their way everyone will get ‘sicker’ than they already are.

The left-wing once more is showing how out of touch they are with reality.

Obamacare has not been the ‘success’ they had hoped, and they know it.  They’ve know it for a while now.  They knew it when it was rushed through Congress and the President signed the bill with a lot of fanfare.  The left ignored concerns by others saying it was fearmongering.

Personally I feel there is not problem with our healthcare.  I can hear the left-wingers starting their arguments already but they didn’t understand what I wrote.  I said no problem with our healthcare.

The USA has a great healthcare system.  We have great doctors, hospitals and other agencies.  I learned that first-hand in 2015 when I had major health issues.  The real problem comes from other areas, like prices for procedures.

Consider this, any bill I had in 2015 that went to insurance who paid was ‘re-priced’.  However, for a surgery which ended up being almost an emergency, in a hospital which was considered ‘in-network’, by a doctor considered ‘in-network’, the assistant to the surgery was considered ‘out-of-network’.  Which meant that I was responsible for almost all of it and was never ‘re-priced’.

My brother, on an Obamacare plan, figured out if the same thing happened to him his closest hospital would not have covered him.

Think about that?

Insurance companies and government rules and regulations are a bigger problem with our healthcare than anything else.

And yet, the left-wingers want to include more.

I fear if the left-wingers get their way, no one will be able to afford healthcare.  After all, the only thing they want is universal healthcare insurance provided by the government for everyone.

So come on Republicans, lets actually look at the system and see if we can find a real fix.