The left constantly says they are liberals.  They fight for freedoms and such.  But they are not.

The reality is Political Correctness and Multiculturism, two staples of the left, are not liberal at all.  They restrict freedom of speech and the flow of debate and ideas.

Multiculturism according to the left is all about understanding other cultures.  The problem here is it doesn’t bring groups together.  It instead has shown to keep groups more and more divided.  They don’t come together and become share ideas and in a way become one.

That would be a Melting Pot which the left has long since decided is bad.  After all, how dare one culture be absorbed into another.  Nope its far better to have a bunch of different cultures.  What better to divide and conquer with?

And what about the other favorite of the left, good old PC.

Its even worse.  Its the most harmful of all intolerances due to the fact its wrapped up to appear as tolerance.

Let’s face it, PC is about controlling what people say, think and do according to a strict codes and rigid rules for all to live by.  Its also this physiology which has made way for the rise of triggering by special snowflakes.

But come back to the word liberals.  These left-wingers say they are liberal?  What is a liberal?

According to a definition a liberal is “open to new behavior or opinions”.

Multiculturism and PC are anything but liberal.  In fact, they appear to not be open to new behaviors or opinions.

To this, as of today, I will stop using liberal as a term to describe left-wingers.  I’ll look for other, more fitting terms, but for now I’ll go with left-wingers.  Because they are not liberals.