PC Killing Debate

It’s been more than a week since Trump won. It was a surprise. In fact the entire election this year was a surprise, full of everything you could imagine.
While watching many of the news videos from election day I ran across an interesting discussion from one guest a local news station, I think in Arizona, had on. Her comment made perfect sense, especially when I considered how little the election debate centered on issues.
She had been in Britain during the Brixit election. She stated Political Correctness hurt the debate. During that election immigration was a huge topic, but yet no one talked about it. Why? She said no one brought it up out of fear of being labeled an islamophobic by the PC crowd. As a result the debate was in hushed whispers between others. You had a key issue and no one wanted to talk about it out of fear of being labeled.
In effect, PC had silenced the debate.
The same thing happened here in the US. Any time someone mentioned they were Trump supporters what was the first thing the left did. They brought up racism and included that you must be a racist (even now the left continues with this mantra, though they’ve washed it down somewhat).
So you had the left shaming anyone who supported Trump. As a result many who were supporters said nothing until they went to vote, not their neighbors, or polls, or surveys. They were fearful of how others might react to them, and they had just cause to fear. Property was stolen or damaged or the person was attacked simply because they supported a person all because of the mantra Trump is a racist (just search Trump supporters attacked on YouTube).
Time and again all over the internet and elsewhere whenever a debate of Hillary and Trump came up, the Hillary supporter always brought up racism, and it was almost always implied if you support Trump then you too must be a racist. How does one actually have an honest debate about real issues like the economy, national security, or even education? You don’t because the TRump supporter is now too busy defending themselves against the accusation of being a racist.
No one likes to be called a racist, so the debating dropped and insults were hurled back and forth.
The real problem was this PC stupidity never changed anyone’s mind; it only silenced meaningful debate which could have actually changed people’s minds.