I’m What

Well, according to Obama now, because I’m not voting for Hillary I must be a sexist person.

Simply fascinating considering eight years ago something similar took place with Obama.  If you were black and did not support Obama, you were considered a traitor to the black race, and if you were white, you were a racist.

This year, the liberals have once more pulled out this card.

Now, if you’re male and don’t support Hillary you must be doing so because you’re a sexist.  Even had a Hillary supporter actually tell me this to my face at work one day when talking politics.  He said the reason I can’t support Hillary is because she’s a woman.

This is the mindset which has elected Hillary.  Its not who is the best candidate for the left, but all about their agenda of calling the right names.  Keeping their view of the right in the public viewpoint.

Perhaps if they stopped taking everything as some fort of phobia things might get better.

Alas, I fear that will not happen.  Instead they will continue their path of calling people names.

Next election who knows what I’ll be called, homophobic, islamophobic, or something else they have made up.