Hillary’s Health

Well, a lot happened over the weekend, 9/11 remembrances and such.  But the big news happened to come from Hillary Clinton, not what she said, rather what she did.

She left early from the 9/11 events and was filmed waiting for her van, leaning heavily while standing and being supported by an aide.  Then while attempting to walk to the van pretty much completely collapsed and had to be dragged into the van.

This comes after weeks, or months, of speculation of her health.

How does the Hillary camp respond?

They isolate the media at first, according to tweets from the day, then say she was simply overcome by the heat.

However, when that excuse stumbled it changed once more, this time it was revealed she had pneumonia.

Its obvious she’s not healthy and needs to rest to recover.  What is becoming increasingly confusing is what exactly is wrong with Hillary.

Everyone has their theories and the truth might not be known due to how much misinformation is out there.  What is true, she’s not we