15 years ago Americans were changed.

We woke up that morning to a normal, typical Tuesday in September.  We went about our daily lives in blissful ignorance, our concerns were on getting to work, paying bills, studying, going to class, or a hundred other things which had little to do with what was about to happen.

Without warning our news shows were interrupted, co-workers rushed into to interrupt, or teachers were interrupted while teaching class.  Something big had just happened.

A plane had struck the World Trade Center.

Millions of questions raced though people’s minds.  What happened?  How could such a thing have happened?  How does a pilot strike a building?

At this point the weight of what was going on had yet to strike home.  As we watched the news something happened which chilled us all.  A second plane struck the second tower.

This wasn’t a pilot error.  No.  This was something far more sinister.  This was a deliberate action.

While we watched two towers burning knowing people were struggling for their lives, other reports trickled in of other planes.  Panic and chaos reigned as conflicting reports came in.

Within this chaos came a new report, the Pentagon had been struck.

People asked, what was happening.  They knew the USA was under attack but the question became who and why?  Even as we asked these question a new horror awaited us all.

While we watched, one of the towers fell.  In shock and horror minutes later the second tower fell as well.  The number of dead was estimated in the tens of thousands.  Even as we watched a new report of another plane was brought forth.

Then came the news that it had crashed in a field, and then silence.

The skies above were empty for the first time in 100 years.  Stores, mall and business closed for the day as people huddled around TV to watch and learn.

It was a terrorist attack, planned and executed.

Now 15 years later we continue to remember.