Redskins is an Offensive Word

There is dumb, stupid, and outright silly. That’s what is going on here today by some on the left over the name of a football team.

Yep, the Washington Redskins (oops, sorry, perhaps I should have warned some of my more sensitive readers about this word, screw it), or more accurately, the name Redskins is apparently offensive. That’s what MSNBC Joy Reid did when airing a clip of Senator D – Harry Reid talking about the name Redskins.

It seems to me that the liberals are pushing hard to make Redskins an offensive word, up there with other words. Won’t be long and we’ll be calling them the you-know-who of the NFL. Make you ear the name by not saying it, giving warnings and telling you how and what to think about the word. What happened to liberals promoting free thought and expression? To think for yourself?

It’s almost as if the left wants to erase Redskins from the language.

If that’s the case then the democratic party is becoming more and more like Big Brother from the novel ‘1984’. You know, the government that actually erases words from the language because they consider the word unfit for the population.

You know, come to think of this, this has already happened. Where? Think Huck Finn a short while back.

Oh boy, I guess our government is already pushing this on us. But how can we fight back?

Simple, its time to make Redskins a non-threatening term. Take away its power. Like many things a word only has power if you allow it. And the liberals are trying their best to improve the power of this word. If they are allowed to continue what’s next? Go after the Raiders for promoting piracy? Saints for promoting religion? Giants and Titans for promoting size?

Its time the left grew up, grew some thicker skin and stopped whining about anything they don’t like. The PC crap has gone too far. Hell, it had been too far years ago, and even Hollywood made fun of them, comedians make fun of them. However, they continue to overwhelm the silent majority and dictate what we can and cannot say.

Stand up and fight back.