Obama and Iraq

Our President has put himself in a tough position.  The Iraq government is asking for aide, towns are falling to ISIS, people are being killed, and things are quickly go to hell over there.

Now, I say he put himself in a tough position because, apparently the Iraq government has asked the administration for help several times before this.  And its true, these towns were not captured overnight, but took time to take, and then move on.

They requested drone strikes, which probably would have been very easily done, especially considering these ISIS groups were travelling along the road.  Seems like they were unafraid of any airstrikes with their brazen march and videos.

Speaking of videos, some have been quite graphic.

Despite all of this, President Obama’s course of action?

He’ll think about it and create a committee.

Mr. President, with all due respect, you lost your time to discuss this.  We needed action, in a decisive manner, not a bumbling person who has surrounded himself with yes men and women.  Sadly, I think even that time has come and gone.  We had a chance, instead you chose to ignore it and now we all pay the price.

We’re damned if we do something, and damned if we don’t.  But while I view all actions as bad, doing nothing is perhaps the worst action of all to take.