The US Immigration Problem

I’ve heard all the sides, how immigrates have helped make this country great.  Yes I understand it, even had a grandpa who would use illegals on his farm before the Second World War.

However, there is a problem liberals don’t want to face, or realize.  The immigrates of yesteryear are not what’s coming across today.  To be fair, some are, but there are a lot more who are not.  The left is seeking amnesty for those crossing the border illegally.

(BTW, what part of illegal don’t liberals get here?)

This promise of amnesty has brought forth our current immigration problem at the border.  You know, the one the border agents are not suppose to talk about, photograph, or speak to the press about.  (Big Brother in action, control what you do, see, and hear.)  As a result there are thousands of children at the border.

Now, the left is saying we must take these kids in, it is our duty.  After all, they are fleeing criminals, hard life, and economic poverty.

That makes me say whoa, hold up a second sonny.  Do you not see our own criminal element?  Those who have a hard life?  Those who live in poverty?  What percentage are on food stamps?

The simple truth is the United States cannot afford to take in the world’s children.  There is a limit to our supplies and money.  I something wonder about the left’s ability to do math, or any politician’s for that matter.

Now, to return to my first statement.  Now all of these children are ‘innocent’ as the left would have you believe.  Some are part of drug gangs.  Yes, kids can, and are part of gangs.

Of course there is another problem with this massive number of children showing up along the border.  Where to put them?  The Federal government has tried a few places.  One was a small town in Virginia, who fought back an won.  And recently, the government tried to house them in what they thought was an empty hotel.  The hotel wasn’t empty, oops, big mistake there.

One solution I have, find out where these kids come from, and then inform those countries that the funding they get from the US is now going to help these refugees.  After all, these other countries are giving instructions, and helping, send their children to our country.

We have a problem of immigration due to the cowardice of the left to recognize the problem.  I wish the left would recognize that everything has a limit, and nothing is free.