Radical Muslims, The Small Minority?

With increasing tensions happening Europe between muslim ‘refugees’ and citizens of Western nations its interesting to listen to liberals.

They tell those of us who are Western citizens ‘we’ must change for the refugees.

They also tend to think that the radical muslims are small in number.  But are they?

Most international groups, and even the UN, agree that its about 5-15% of the muslim population which is radicalized. Even this doesn’t seem to be that many.  It is after all a small number.

Well, consider this, its thought 1/3 of all Germans supported the Nazi party. Take the 1933 population of 67 million and you get 22.3 million (which isn’t too far off, 17 million voted Nazi in the 1933 election) who supported the party (not actually members).

Now, even if only 1% of muslims are radicalized, that’s 16 million (according to recent numbers for muslims being 1.6 billion). And if the 5-15% is right, then the radical number soars to 80 to 240 million.  That would make them, if they all located in one country, the 17th to 5th largest country in the world by population.

Radial islam isn’t something we can just sweep under the carpet and think we can ignore it because its only a small percentage.

Its time to wake up and realize how large the problem is.  Remember, these radicals are not for peace, they want world domination.  The only real way to stop them in the long term, is to beat them short term fighting, then allow long term education to finish them off.  But if we rely only on education we will fail.

They are fighting the war even if the left doesn’t want to realize it.  The difference is this war isn’t like past wars, there are no set boundaries.  We must realize there is a radical group, only then can we stop them.