Chalk Writing of Trump 2016 ‘Pains’ Emory Students

The liberals and their thin-skinned knows now bounds anymore.

At a higher place of learning the public has learned how tolerant the student body is of an opponent to what they support.

Its okay to write, in chalk, that one supports Sanders in the upcoming election.  That’s an expression of free speech after all.  But imagine the horror is someone decided to offer a counter candidate to Sanders.  Someone like Trump.

That’s what happened and the result, sadly telling of how out of touch the youth, liberal youth, are of today’s world.

They were pained by merely seeing ‘Trump 2016’ written in chalk on the campus.

Wrap your head around that lunacy of lunacy.  The mere sight of a Republican candidate for President ‘pained’ them.

There are no words for this level of stupidity.  What should happen is these babies need to be taught to grow up.  The world doesn’t revolve around your desire.  The sun doesn’t come up because you say it should.

These babies probably had no idea how to make it on their own without someone else telling them what they should do and believe in.

Emory University students – Grow Up!

Emory University Administration – Grow some balls!

What makes it even worse is that the fact the school is now offering ‘counseling’ for any student who was ‘harmed’ by seeing these words.  No, what these babies need to be told is that’s real life, deal with it.