Non-Peaceful Protests in France

An anti-Israel protest in Paris, France on Sunday went from being peaceful to threatening and terrifying.  In what was a group of thousands, many broke away from the protest of Israel bombing areas in Gaza (in response to missile attacks from groups like hamas) and converged on a synagogue with some 200 worshippers.

These no peaceful protesters threw bricks, stones and whatever else at the building.  They threatened the lives of those inside with their hostile actions.  With only a handful of police on hand they were easily overwhelmed by the protesters turned rioters.

In fact, there were reports from some that it reminded them of the infamous ‘Kristallnacht’ of 1938 Germany by the Nazis.

One protestor stated, ““I came to say no to this massacre,” yet many could have been involved in a massacre if they had gotten into the building.  The violence these groups will undertake to achieve their means is often overlooked by most. Many will accept the ‘peaceful’ rhetoric coming from the muslim world.

Perhaps these ‘protesters’ should start looking at an even greater threat to their lives.  ISIS.  The very group which has even threatened Mecca with their violence.

Its truly sad when people consider groups like hamas peaceful, yet condemn Israel for defending themselves.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls made a statement condemning the actions and police arrested a whopping six protesters.