Security Guard Loses Job by doing Job

The twists and irony of this next tale will leave the reader’s mind spinning.

It goes like this, a Target security guard while monitoring the store noticed a shoplifter.  Reporting it to his manager, who appeared to recognize the man and was told to wait.  Sure enough a few days later the same shoplifter returned, and again, left the store without paying for items.

In other words, the man broke the law at the Target store not once, but twice and is on camera doing so.

The security guard went to the police as he has done for the past eight years while working for Target.  However, what happened next left the employee confused, and ultimately with no job.  Shortly after turning over the video to police, the employee was suspended, then fired.  Yes, he was fired for doing his job of going after the criminals.

It turns out the shoplifter was either a retired law enforcement worker, or recently quite/fired/suspended, however there is conflicting reports here.  Some say it was a law enforcement member, while law enforcement has not positively identified the criminal.

What is truly disturbing about this story, is the fact an employee doing his job, was fired for doing the right thing.