Vaccinations Getting More Expensive

For the past month many of my friends have been talking about the need to vaccinate, and how dangerous it is to not have your child vaccinated against diseases.  Now, I do not have any children, so I stay out of the debate.  The only statement I give is to give your child the shots, but be aware of side-effects.  And to also question, never stop questioning.

However, yesterday I saw an interesting article from the New York Times.

The Price of Prevention: Vaccine Costs Are Soaring

I am left struck with several thoughts here, and none are good for our future.

The immediate thought is by making vaccinations more expensive.  I see a sequence of events happening here.  First, fewer people will get the shot because they can’t afford it.  As that happens, pressure will be put on the government to force insurance companies to cover more of the cost.  That means either you will pay more for your plan, or the government will provide more money (provided by the taxpayer) or both.

The question come about, wasn’t Obamacare suppose to make our healthcare cheaper.  The answer is no.  It was never about healthcare costs, but providing people with insurance, which as democrats proposed, would then trickle down to decrease the cost because no one was not covered.

I digress though.

There is one more danger to rising costs of vaccines.  As people are unable to afford the shots for their children, more become susceptible to diseases.  As that happens, the chances of an epidemic becomes more and more likely. (Especially considering the diseases coming across the border lately from illegals.)

Our leaders need to act now, but as with everything, unless there is a crisis, nothing will be done.