Obama’s War Plan Against ISIS Flawed

Recently President Obama sent his plan to fight isis to Congress for approval.  However, once again the president fails to understand how to fight, and win, a war with his resolution.

The draft comes away as too political and restricting to allow the military to fight this war.  Obama states that the majority of operations will be airstrikes with limited numbers of ground forces.

The problem here is history has shown time and again that air power cannot win a war alone, it must have boots on the ground for victory.  As far back as World War 1 there was a theory that victory could be achieved by airpower alone.  Harsh reality has shown the exact opposite, a country must have soldiers on the ground to ensure victory.

Obama makes another mistake in his plan by calling for a time limit in the fight against isis.

Imagine if Franklin D Roosevelt had, in his speech to Congress, suggested a limit of 3 years to defeat Japan, or more or less.  If Japan knew of such a time limit, they could fight a war to waste time for the limit to end and the US to stop the war.

Imagine the US only going 3 years in the Pacific, ending the war in December 1944.  It sounds absurd, yet that is exactly what Obama is doing.

He is telling the enemy how we are going to fight, what we are or are not going to do, and for how long.

We will not win a war this way.