Obama Again Hesitates

In a growing number of incidents that show how little decisive action this President does, a new example has popped up.  Recently three American prisoners of isis have been killed.

However there are new reports which shed light about the Administration’s efforts to free the American captives.  It appears they were given intelligence about whereabouts the American captives.  The problem was how long it took to carry out a mission.

The administration sat on the information for a month before deciding to act on it.  By then it the captives had been moved.

It appears that the administration did not trust the intelligence given by the British.

The delay made it so Obama had to come out and defend his actions again to the public.

“I don’t think it’s accurate then to say that the United States government hasn’t done everything that we could.”

However the delay from the time the information was given to when US tried their rescue mission.  In fact the delay bewildered British forces.

When given sensitive information it shows Obama has no idea how deal with it in a timely manner.