Obama Losing Egypt as an Ally

The Obama Administration is losing the ally of Egypt in the Middle East due to its policies according to senior Egyptian officials.  This flies in the face of what media reports about how Obama is doing overseas.

The media wants the American citizens to believe that Obama’s policies are making a safer world.  In fact its the opposite, the policies are making the world more dangerous, especially for Americans.

Obama’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood has hurt any relations between the two countries.  In fact officials have been watching how this administration treats other allies and had this to say about it.

“We see how you treat Israel, who for 50 years was your closest ally. We see how you treat them and how you are now treating us. Russia and China see it too.”

Other nations are watching what this administration is doing and how they are treating its allies, and taking notes.  In fact, Egypt has reached out to Russia lately with Putin visiting the country.

Officials also are watching how the administration is viewing terrorists.  Mostafa el-Gindy, an Egyptian politician, stated the following about the administration and terrorists:

“For 20 years, America has called Hamas terrorists. They are terrorists,” Gindy said. “Now Obama and the Americans say they aren’t terrorists. In one day, Jordan did more damage to ISIS than the Americans have in months.”

This administrations inability to call terrorists for what they are has again alienated a longstanding ally.

Obama has done everything he can to push allies away in a time when fighting groups like isis the USA requires allies.