School Teaches Islam

Imagine this, a school teaches Christianity and part of the curriculum is to make a cross, pray, and to recite off the chalkboard some of the ten commandments.

The liberal left would have a field day over this.  They would crying over separation of church and state and probably lined up lawsuits against the school and teachers. 

However this wasn’t Christianity but islam.

Yes, as part of the curriculum for the class students had to recite one of the pillars of islam from the quran, also they also had to complete a prayer rug and study and islam packet.

Yet there isn’t anything from the left on this.  Instead they say we need to teach religions in schools so kids grow up to be ‘tolerant’ of other religions.

I never recall in any of my normal classes (specific religion classes are different) never pushed specific quotes from the Bible.  It did talk about splits in the Christian religion, but it also was an important part in European history.

Liberals have no problem attacking Christianity but have no guts to rise up and challenge islam.