State of the Union Address

Last night the President spoke for almost 60 minutes on the ‘State of the Union’ in the annual speech all President’s give.  But did it really mean anything?

The truth of the matter, no!

All the State of the Union address does is give air time to the President for a long-winded speech upon which he says nothing.  He goes out, tells his voters what they want to hear and its followed by the opposite party giving a ‘rebuttal’ speech to give their voters what they want to hear.

Take for example taxes.  Many in the left want to hear about higher and ‘fair’ taxes on the rich.  Despite the fact none can tell you what that fair share is.

Or how about the price of gas, which Obama proudly touted as if he was somehow responsible for?  This is not working because for six years the left has pushed the narrative that the President isn’t responsible for the price because its been so high.  But now that it has fallen they’ll take credit for it.

There was little about how Democrats and Republicans need to work together.  Instead the President put his party, and himself ahead of the rest of the nation.

He might be enjoying a recent upswing in popularity but if he continues on this path he will fall back down once more.

Actions speak louder than words.