American Sniper

Well, there’s been a lot of talk going on about this movie lately.  It went out and did very well over the weekend and suddenly found itself in the middle of a firestorm by liberals.

The movie went out and got Oscar nominations, and then the slamming by liberals began.  First it was the irrelevant Michael Moore saying that snipers are cowards (because his dad told him that).  Then it was Seth Rogan making comments about the movie (despite the defense of many of his film ‘The Interview’).

But there was more.  Vandals scribbled ‘murder’ on the ad of one American Sniper roadway sign.  The left even states that Chris Kyle wanted every Iraqi dead.

It boils down to a few things that the left cannot tolerate (despite their claim they are tolerant).

One is people enjoyed this movie which is not anti-American, anti-war, and shows reality of war in a different way.

Second it is a pro-military movie, something the left really doesn’t like.  They have made a career out of dissing the military at every turn.  Now to have the military in a positive light is something they can’t stand.

And last their efforts to ‘demonize’ the movie and Chris Kyle is not working.  People like Moore and Rogan have come out but were beaten into submission by the masses.  Its something they are not used to.

Personally, I have yet to see American Sniper, and probably won’t (not my type of movie to watch).   But its amazing the amount of hate this movie had generated from the left because they no longer understand the American people anymore.