Obama Again Shows Lack of Leadership

Once again the Obama Administration has shown a lack of leadership in regards to what is going in the world.  Recently there was a terrorist attack in Paris.  This has thrust radical muslims onto the center stage of the world.

In a surprising show of unity against such actions by the radical muslim groups, one of the largest rallies was held.  An estimated 1.6 million people attended, including leaders from 40 nations.

But not from the Obama Administration.

Now, I will concede that the logistics of getting the President there on such a short notice would be difficult at best.  However, you had a prominent person of the administration there in Eric Holder.

Holder failed to attend.

In a time when the world needs leadership against such radical muslim groups the Obama Administration showed you cannot look towards the USA to give that leadership.  Their absence was more telling than anything else.

In fact, many of the left groups in the USA still don’t want to categorize the attacks in Paris as from a muslim group.  People like Dean coming out saying the people doing the attacks were no more muslim than he was.

It is time the left, Democrats and liberals wake up the emerging danger of the radical muslims and the threat they pose to our very civilization and way of life.

The right understands, and stands up.  They also realize we lack a leader willing to stand up for our rights and freedoms.

Obama’s lack of leadership is becoming more apparent to everyone.  As a result he has actually made the world even more dangerous.