Ferguson Citizens to Businesses

Recently CBS News did an interview with three men from Ferguson.  The news station reported it as the reason for the anger goes beyond the fact a thug who attacked a cop was shot and killed, but the economy.

According to the three men, they are frustrated over the lack of jobs and they have a message to business.

Rebuild or else.

Yep, the same frustration and anger they are pointing towards business that were looted and burned down by the same rioters and looters.

Now, think logically about this for a few seconds.  These people are demanding businesses rebuild so they have their comforts close by again after they looted, burned and destroyed the business.  Now you have fewer places of employment and jobs.

Businesses want stability, growth opportunities.  They do not want people looting, destroying and stealing from their stores.

Perhaps if these three men understood that, they might understand how much damage these ‘protesters’ did to their town and economy.