Quick Decisions

Here is an interesting excercie for all the anti-cop people out there.  When you come up on a person with a gun, is it a BB gun, or real gun.  Look at the picture below:


Cops have very little time to process which gun this is pointed at them.  Fractions of a second to see the weapon, identify it, is it a threat, is the person going to use it.  Miscalculate on any of those questions and the cop could be killed.

Of course the anti-cop crowd doesn’t care.  They only want to fuel an anti-cop narrative and give criminals power.

If we really wanted to change the problems of our society, it must begin within society.  Don’t try and prank a cop.  Go and talk with the cops, become their friends, establish the relationship between the neighborhood and the police.

And the biggest thing, don’t commit a crime, but try and help prevent crimes.