ISIS Executes Gay Man

ISIS members as a punishment for a sin toss a man off the tallest spot in the city then proceeded to stone him to death after he fell.  What was his crime?  He was accused and found guilty of being gay which is against their islamic beliefs.

Yes, that same religion which the left likes to claim is so peaceful, shows one more how radical muslims use the religion for control of others.

In the West, we are told by the left and the LGBT community how the right and Christians are the evil ones.  Yet they continue to ignore such news articles and still try to form a partnership with such groups.

The biggest problem is you will not hear this in the mainstream media.  It does not push their narrative about how peaceful muslims are and how Christians and conservatives are the real evil in the world.

If this had been a Christian group, it would have made front headlines on every news station.  Instead, its ignored.

When will the left wake up about the evil they are allying themselves with.  Groups like ISIS do represent islam despite what some on the left say.