Boycotting Black Friday?

Have you heard this one yet?  It appears several celebrities are asking people to boycott shopping on black Friday.  Among those calling for this one-day boycott are Russell Simmons, Kat Graham, and Jesse Williams.

The reason for this, the verdict on Officer Wilson.

Perhaps these people need to read the facts instead of going off on emotions.

The second thing, this boycott does not strike back at the people they are hoping to get.  They fail to realize who the one hurt most will be.  It won’t be the political figures, the criminals who contributed to this situation, or the decay of trust between police officers and the citizens.

No, the one hurt most will be the store employee, whose hours are dependent on how busy a store is.

The poor person who waits for sales so they can get he best deal for what little money they have because their hours have been cut thanks to Obamacare.

If things don’t sell then the people producing the item are hurt as factories close.

These celebrities think that the problem with what happened between Wilson and Brown is because of rich people.  Its not, its about the breakdown of trust and communication between the civilians and police officers.  Something they are encouraging, not helping to fix.

A boycott works when there is a specific target and goal.  The goal is half there, but the target is severely lacking.  They are striking against Capitalism, not racism.

Then again, leave it to liberals to go after the wrong target.