The Protesters of Ferguson

For the second night there was violence in the protests.  But there are two groups of protestors which needs to be distinguished here.

The first group is the one we all know about.  They were the ones who set the Wal-Mart on fire, burned a car, and looted the very store where the entire situation started, Ferguson Market and Liquor.  There are some who question if the people doing this are called the professional protesters, the same ones trying to start up riots all over the USA.

Then you have who truly believe in the cause, they want things to get better.

The only problem, those doing the violence are speaking louder.

It did not help anything when Michael Brown’s step dad got up and started yelling to burn the town down.

The question is, why do they want so much violence.  They burn, loot and destroy only hurting their own town, business and jobs.

So now, before Thanksgiving, where it showed groups can work together we have the warmongers beating the drums of war against society.