Ferguson Thoughts

So the verdict came out on Officer Wilson as not-guilty.  What happened next was predictable.

Photos of the officer who was assaulted.  Blood found on the officer’s clothes.  Eye witnesses changing their minds and a group of people bent on destroying a town if they don’t get their way.

In the center of it all is the media, the ones who fan the flames of civil strife, and who seem to want destruction of the very world they live in.

Lots of people claim this is about race.  A white officer of the law shooting a black child who had his hands raised in surrender, or that’s what some on the left still say.  The evidence points to something else.  It wasn’t about race at all, but a lack of respect.

Yes, respect.

The left has been waging a war on cops for decades now and its worked.  There is a barrier between those who enforce the law and the average citizen.  Why is this there?  Cops are very much like you and me, average ordinary people who have decided to help enforce laws and catch criminals.

There was a time when people knew their local officers, talked with them, were their friends.  The cops knew the kids, their parents.

Not anymore.  In today’s society there is little interaction between the two groups.  As a result distrust is easy bring forth by both sides.  The public, especially minority groups see becoming a cop as being a traitor.   As long as such predominate thoughts remain, healing this rift is impossible.

So instead we get what we had Monday night.  Rioters and looters burning stores, looting stores, causing jobs to be lost for people trying to make a living.  It turns the local town apart.  The looters and rioters have no plan to build, no plan to heal, no plan at all beyond destruction.

Its easy to destroy, but hard to build.  That’s why the protesters take the destruction route, its easy.  But they have no plan, no goal to change society because they fail to realize one basic truth.  If you want change, you start within yourself.