Drinking and Driving Kills

On October 26, 2014 a bright, promising young man was killed in a car crash in the Dominican Republic.  His name was Oscar Travaris, a 22 year old man.  He was a talented outfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals, a star who had many, many years and perhaps even all-star ability.

However, that night he decided to do something foolish and he paid the ultimate price.  He mixed two things which we should not, drinking and driving.

In the past week sources have released the fact Travaris had a blood alcohol level of .287, well over the legal limit of .05 by the country.

As tragic as the loss of life was, including the fact his 18 year old girlfriend was also killed, its more tragic that the media and other s are silent about this.

High school coaches, colleges, pros should be telling this tragic story of how alcohol stole a promising career from this man, his family, and people in the sport.  A powerful, in your face, reminder of the reality of drinking and driving.

Its no video game where you can reload your game, get an extra life, or simply shut if off.

Hollywood and others want to glamorize drinking as cool.  The reality is anything but.  Its time to take the kid gloves off and tell the youth what glamor is waiting for a person who drinks and drives.

Perhaps if Oscar Travaris understood this, he and his girlfriend might still be alive and he would be preparing for his second season in the major leagues on the path for stardom instead of a footnote.