Pelosi Undermines US Strategy on ISIS and Troops

House democrat Nancy Pelosi is showing us once more how the left think about radical muslim groups like ISIS.  Earlier this week Pelosi made the following comment about sending ground troops in against ISIS.

“The worse it gets the less reason I think we should send troops.”

Now, the humorous, and political knee jerk reaction the left would take with such a comment is Pelosi is all right with sending in troops if the conditions were better.  And while that may seem ridiculous, it seems to sum up the left’s attitude in combating ISIS.  It is in conflict with chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Martin Dempsey who stated troops might be needed.  In response Pelosi said this.

“Whatever he intended and however they characterized it — and I’m sure in the military they always reserve the right to review a strategy on certain topics, all I can say to you and I’ve told this to my caucus and they have told it to me — we are not there to support combat troops in any of these engagements.”

Its typical of democrats recently when talking about strategy.  They limit their options, time and again, never realizing how it weakens their position.  Its especially damning when Pelosi says this about their strategy.

“That is what we have to be doing is to use our leverage — and some of that may be training of troops in order to stop an organization like ISIS in it’s tracks.”

When you take an option away, you give away leverage.  When will the democrats come to understand this?  Of course, when will democrats stop saying stupid things that undermine our national security?