The NFL PC Police

Lately the NFL has suffered from an image problem, mostly of its own creation.

There is the Ray Rice problem, who was released by the Ravens and suspended by the league.  The Vikings Adrian Peterson and his ongoing legal problems.  The Panthers Greg Hardy and the 49ers Ray McDonald who are also on trial for domestic abuse.

Now a new story emerges as well.  Sunday Washington Redskins (yes I’ll use the name and the PC police can be damned) superstar RG3 was injured.  During an interview Griffen wore a lt. blue t-shirt which had the words ‘Know Jesus, Know Peace’ on it.

The NFL fashion police came up to him and told him because it wasn’t a Nike shirt he would have to run it inside out before meeting with the press.

Now, the bigger question comes.  Other players have worn shirts not part of the ‘official’ sponsor of the league and nothing happened.  So why this shirt?

Its quite possible that in this atmosphere of trying to be PC, anything related to Christian is considered bad.  Atheists have a belief that if they even see the words of Christ anywhere, you are forcing Christianity on them.  As a result, groups like the NFL are so scared of these people that they will force their superstars to reverse shirts.

They will back up a person who punches out his wife to the point where the video come out, but a little bit of someone showing their religion freaks them out.  I think we all know it was not about the shirt being from a licensed NFL sponsor, but what the shirt said.