Obama’s Poll Numbers and the News Outlets

Obama’s poll numbers have continued to get worse, mostly thanks to his own actions.  From the handling of the implementation of Obamacare to the recent ISIS ‘no strategy’ debacle, people’s general perception of how this President is doing is declining.

One thing you have not seen compared to another recent President, is how bad the numbers are on news outlets.  The majority of news reports have hidden the low poll numbers, according to a MRC Study.

What is interesting if the following graphic comparing the two Presidents:


During the time period of January to August of 2006 and 2014, both the President’s first eight months of their sixth year in office, you can see a major difference between the two.

Polls conducted is not that far off, 23 vs. 15.  But the number of times it was reported on the evening news is striking, 52 to 2!  50 times fewer have they reported on Obama’s numbers.

The question on why should be obvious.  The media does not want to report bad news about this President.  Its a sad day for Americans when its own press, the people who are suppose to question the government, question policies, be for the people, are so blatantly siding against the public.